Room Parent Resources

What does it mean to be a Room Parent?

• Assist the classroom teacher with planning occasional activities, events or holiday celebrations
• Host or recruit parent volunteers for classroom celebrations
• Collect and manage funds/donations from class families for teacher gifts (Winter Holiday, Teacher Appreciation Week, and End of Year)
• Assist PTO Committees with recruiting for school events
• Send information/requests to class families from PTO and from the teacher

Each year the PTO and families in each grade collaborate on one event for each grade level.  If you would like to volunteer or put together a grade level event, please contact the Room Parent Coordinator. Room parents help to recruit volunteers for the event.


• The Massachusetts government has a one-page guide about rules and ethics for public employees.

• If you get or have questions about after-school options for children at Hardy School, visit the APS Hardy School After-school page.

Need more information?

Download a PDF of the Room Parent Job Description.