Green Team

Q: What is the Green Team? ​
A: An environmental club for Massachusetts schools sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection.

Q: Who can participate?
A: Green Teams are students, teachers and the school community working together to help the environment by participating in activities that promote waste reduction and recycling, composting, energy conservation, and pollution prevention.

Participating classes receive certificates of recognition and are eligible to win awards.

Q: Are the activities aligned with Massachusetts curriculum?
A: Yes! Check out The Green Team’s lesson plans and materials.

Being green is easy!

Do like the Earth? Do you dream of an idle-free zone? Do you know what that means? Yes?

Sign up to help lead or run green activities throughout the year.

We are not alone!

Green teams have support! Check out The Green Team website.

NEWSLETTER: Read The  Green Team February newsletter.

HARDY ORGANIZER:  Email Hardy PTO if you would like to volunteer to be part of the Green Team!

Green Activities

We have ideas! Please bring more! Check out the possibilities. We can make Hardy greener and cleaner! 

  • Revive the Hardy Garden and help maintain through summer
  • Clean-up and litter removal from the playground area
  • Organize a textile donation bin in the school and raise awareness around textile recycling/recovery
  • Recycling audits for classrooms
  • Reducing food waste in the cafeteria

Why is textile recycling important?
Mass Gov information about textile recovery. 
Textile Recycling Fact sheet. 
The Secret Life of Recycled Textiles.

For questions about the competition:
Contact Rachel Oliveri, School Sustainability Coordinator, at