Buddy Families

Hardy Elementary School Buddy Family Connection Program

Part of what makes Hardy strong is the warm welcoming community.  Please help us ensure a smooth transition for incoming and existing Hardy families that need guidance by signing up to be a 2019-2020 Buddy Family.  This program is open to anyone, particularly families that:

·      have kids starting in classes other than K (where it can sometimes feel more challenging for both kids and parents to break into established friendship groups).
·      are starting part way through the school year,
·      have just moved from elsewhere, and /or
·      are currently at Hardy but would benefit from a mentor family that would be matched specifically for their needs

Our goal is to pair these families with existing Hardy families that will act as a personal point of contact for any questions their new family may have regarding our school.

What do Buddy Families do?
Hardy buddy families (existing families who have volunteered for this role) will:
·      Call or email to introduce themselves to the new families.
·      Offer to answer any questions about Hardy, upcoming events, school schedule, drop off/pick up locations, school lunch logistics and anything else pertaining to Hardy that you feel is relevant!
·      Arrange an informal meet-up with your new family.  For example: playdate at a local park or Hardy playground.
·       Act as a liaison throughout the course of the 2019-2020 school year to show your new family “the ropes”.

Who can be a Buddy Family?
A Buddy Family is any Hardy family enrolled in the 2019-2020 school year that is willing to be a resource for questions that a new, incoming (Kindergarten – Grade 5) family may have during the summer and throughout the school year.

How does the Buddy Family work?
As a Buddy Family, the front office will pair you with a family that best matches your child/ren’s grade.  Buddy assignments will be sent out over the summer.  Mentors are asked to make personal contact with your family within a week of receiving contact information.

Why should I do this?
The Buddy Family Program promotes school involvement which will build a stronger Hardy community.

How much work does it involve?
In addition to making personal contact with their new family over the summer, Buddy Families are expected to remain in touch during the following school year. PTO will draft communications about upcoming events and relevant information to share with the Buddy Families who will then share the information with their new family.  You will be invited to attend the Buddy Family Welcome Reception scheduled for August and remain in touch throughout the course of the 2019-2020 school year. Any additional contact you wish to make with your new families is completely up to you.

How do I become a Buddy Family?
If you are interested in being paired with a current Hardy family or to be a new family mentor, please email Patsy O’Brien at patsy@hardyschool.com.