PTO FAQ & Administrata


Q: What is the purpose of the PTO? 
A: Hardy Elementary School Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) is our school’s cooperative organization that provides enrichment to the school experience. Each Hardy family is invited to participate through involvement, providing resources, or giving financial support.

Q: What is the difference between PTA and PTO?
A: PTA is a local parent group affiliated with a state’s PTA organization and the National PTA. Our PTO is an independent parent group, a non-PTA. No national PTO exists akin to the National PTA. ​

Q: What is expected of me if I go to a PTO meeting?
A: We currently have meetings via zoom until we are allowed to meet in person again due to COVID. At that point, we will meet at a large table in the library. The PTO president sends out an agenda before meeting and keeps the pace on track. You can be a spectator or participant. ​

Q: PTO meetings. Can anyone go? What happens during a PTO meeting?
A: Scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month, we all meet in the school’s library from 6:30-8:00 pm. All are welcome. All are encouraged to participate. Great place to learn about events, curriculum, issues and to hear directly from our Principal, Kate Peretz as well as our Teacher Representative! All Hardy parents are officially voting members. 

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Reimbursements Check Request:
Are you a PTO member who needs reimbursement for a PTO-related expense? Please fill out, print and return the Hardy PTO check request form.

(1) Print and fill out with pen. 
(2) Fill out PDF and print. 

Please leave your check request form in the PTO mailbox in the Hardy School Office. Remember to include your receipts!

Faculty Grants

Hardy PTO provides up to $200 for educational expenses for faculty. A limited number of grants are available. To apply, please complete the Grant Request Application.