IF Fashion Show

Hello volunteers,

Thank you all so much for signing up for the Hardy International Festival Fashion Show!  The fashion show will be held in the Hardy Gym at 2:30.  I have attached a map detailing the layout of the gym.  The arrows show the course of the runway and the “X”s mark the location where the models will stop and turn to allow the audience to better see the clothing.  We will have guides to help the kids get through and we will have balloons marking the locations of the “stop and turn” points. Below is a link to a video to give you an idea of how to stop and turn (but the kids in the video are professionals so no pressure to look like them!). 

Your kids may have never seen a fashion runway before!  

If you or your kids are participating in the fashion show, please come at 2:20 to the fashion show prep area with your clothing on. You can come earlier if you need help getting ready. Parents please come with the kids.  Below is an attachment showing the order in which the countries will walk.

Clothing card:
I’m also attaching a clothing card which we need you to fill out and return to Hetal or Solange by Wednesday 1/31/18  morning if possible.  This card will be used to make the announcement describing your clothing to the audience as you walk the runway.  Please include up to three 1-2 sentence statements describing the clothing.  You can add up to 3 more statements which will be used in case there is time to say more while the model is walking.  If you have more than 1 person participating in the show, please fill out 1 card per person. 

Please let me know if you have any questions.  I am really looking forward to this event!

Hetal and Solange


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