HARDY INTERNATIONAL FESTIVALFrequently Asked Questions What is this?The International Festival is a time for the families of Hardy Elementary tocome together to celebrate the diverse cultural and geographic backgrounds of our community. When? February 3, 2018at the Hardy School 2PM- 5 PMHow do I get involved? We need as much help as possible to make this event happen. You can get more information onthe Hardy School website (PTO Events). You can also contact Aimee@hardyschool.comforquestions or comments. If you’d like to participate by representing a particular country, pleasefill out the Participant Form on the website orhere What will happen on the day of the Festival?Each country will have a table to display the information related the country or region theychoose. You maychoose to display a variety of things and if you’d like to have food samples,please do. There will be a fashion show, international food served and a performance (music ordance)Do I have to represent the country I am from? No. If you would like to represent a country that you have visited, or just interested in, you are welcome to do so. If several people have signed up to represent a country they can do ittogether as a team.

  What should my country table look like?Each country will be have a table for displayingmaterial. We recommend participants to make a banner with the country’s name and flag.Include a display or poster with facts about your country and information about the theme,food samples and relevant artifacts. Setup time for the tables will be Friday evening before andduring the day of the Festival.How many food samples do I need?It is optional to provide food samples. If you’d like to share you country’s food or drink pleaseprovide small sample cups and spoons (if needed) to serve your food or beverage. Smallsamples for ~ 100 people?I know a great musician/ dancer /performer that could perform something at theFestival.Fantastic! We would love a professional performer to come and perform on theoutdoor stage. Please coordinate with the Performance Coordinator (TBA).I have signed up to represent a country but I am by myself and need help.  We will try to make sure that no one has to do their booth by themselves. We would like you toenjoy the Festival as much as everyone else and will try to find you a helper to assist with set-upand allow you to take breaks from working the entire Fair. Please fill out the participation formon the Hardy Website World Festival Pagehere. I do not want to do a country but still want to help.There are a lot of other jobs to fill for the successful running of the Festival. Food help, set-upand clean-up, helping “single person countries” and the performance Coordinator are all waysto help.Is the International Festival a fund-raising event? No. The International Festival is a community building event only and has a limited budgetfrom the Hardy PTO. We will need to change for food as these revenues are not sufficient tocover all our costs, and we greatly appreciate sponsorship from individuals or businesses. Any meetings for the volunteers?