Culture Fest 2020

Hardy Culture Fest is a free family event, celebrating our diverse Hardy Community. It is a time for us to share, educate, and celebrate the diversity of all cultures in our community and everyone can be a part of it!


1) Host a table in the “Hall of Cultures, themed “Schools Around the World” Note: deadline to apply is March, 14

The Hardy gym will be transformed into the “Hall of Cultures.” This year the theme is: “Schools around the world” and we are looking for table displays centered around that theme. Please note: all food will be kept separate in the cafeteria and must be nut-free.

Our principal, Kate Peretz, will host a table about the Hardy School Culture, so be sure to check in and reflect on what the Hardy community means to you! If you are interested in hosting a display please keep in mind that the audience are mostly elementary school-aged children and visual and/ or interactive displays work best.

Currently we have representation from: India, Taiwan, Japan, China, Korea, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Sweden, Canada, Switzerland, Namibia, Philippines, Afghanistan, Czech Republic, Kyrgyzstan, Nepal, South Africa, and Bulgaria!

2)    Participate in the Fashion Show Note: deadline to apply is March, 14

If you have traditional or culturally-significant clothing you would like to showcase in the fashion show please fill out the form linked above or get in touch with Alham Saadat. Adults and kids are welcome to participate in the fashion show!

3)    Put on a Performance       Note: deadline to apply is March, 14            

Have a special talent or just feel like sharing a tune, dance, or other creative performance with the Hardy Community? Reach out to Katrina Bernstein, the performance coordinator.

4)    Make / Donate Food for the “Culture Café” or Help Out in the Cafeteria

Share a special, culturally meaningful dish or dessert. No nuts, please! Got no time to cook or bake? No problem – we will also gladly accept store bought donations as long as they are labeled and nut-free.

5)    Volunteer for the day of the event

Distribute passports, volunteer as a reader, help supervise the crafts room, or sign up as a floater. We will find a job for you! 

6)    Attend the Festival

Hardy is a great place to go to school because of each one of YOU!

Please reach out to Doris Pfaffinger ( with any questions or comments!

Check out the 2018 slide show!