Green Team needs you!

Do like the earth? Do you dream of an idle-free zone? Do you know what that means? Yes?  

Green Teams are students, teachers and the school community working together to help the environment by participating in activities that promote waste reduction and recycling, composting, energy conservation, and pollution prevention. Email 
 the PTO President if you would like to join.

One cake, one hour, one dollar

Be a part of the Hardy School community! How can you help? What can you do? Check out our ‘what to do’ flow chart. Why should you help?

​The Hardy PTO organizes activities and social events for the Hardy School Community.  All the events and programs are organized and staffed by volunteers – like you!  Not sure how to best use your time and resources? And then see our Events pages. Need more advice or do you want to sign up?

Be a baker!

Are you a stress baker? Wish to be a celebrity chef? Get out your pans and turn on the oven and put your name on the Hardy Bakers List. Many events need baked goods.  

Please contact the PTO President to be a member of the HBL.  Thank you!

Be a banker!

We are searching for parent volunteers to help display, organize, manage, and distribute Hardy Store items to the community.  Want to start a Spirit Committee? Please contact Terry for more information.

Be a library volunteer!

Volunteer during your child’s weekly library time during the school day. What do you do?  Help check out books, re-shelve, and help children make their library selection. Guest readers are also welcome.

How much time? Each library time lasts 40 minutes. Check for class schedules and sign up at the  Volunteer Page.