Hardy PTO Summer Minutes 2017-18

            <div class="paragraph"><font color="#515151">Location: Fox Library <br /><br />Treasurer issue:<br />Amy Reese and Lee Powers can no longer serve as treasurers. Stephanie Hodges has stepped up to be interim treasurer. Should we have her serve the full year or open up to elections in Fall? Lee and Amy are already transitioning all the banking duties to Stephanie, since someone needs to be able to deposit money and write checks. Decided to hold vote at Sept. meeting for treasurer.  Will advertise if someone wants to run against Stephanie.<br /><br />Treasurer report:<br />See Lee’s attachment Stephanie mentioned that she intended to alter the reports to make them more detailed, highlighting certain areas that we needed to focus on.<br /><br />Teacher luncheon<br />Thursday September 1st, noon. Bonnie Walsh and Terry Holt will pick food up at Anthony’s Eastside Deli, set it up and come clean up afterwards.<br /><br />Kindergarten tours—have assessments taken place yet? Forgot to check with Kristin on that one. Assessments did happen at end of June.<br /><br />Back-To-School PTO coffee:<br />Sept. 6th for grade 1-5 and Sept. 9th for Kindergarten (check on that). First day of school for Kindergarten is Sept. 9th. Will have coffee for them on that Friday.<br /><br />Back-To-School Night:<br />Thursday Sept. 22nd or 29th Not sure yet.<br /><br />Ice-Cream Social:<br />Friday September 16th? Thursday Sept. 15th as the 16th is town night.<br /><br />Events that will need to be planned:  <br />Harvest Fest (late Sept., early Oct.) Sat. Oct. 1st Moya Charig in charge<br />School Photo Day? Check with Jen Roderick<br />Book Fair (November) Need people to head this<br />Gate Lighting (December) Cedrine TBA<br /> <br />Other potential events:<br />Movie Night 2nd grade event (Januaray)<br />Beach party/Dance event? Change to Talent Show Moya and Chris Charig (February); want to get Town Hall as venue<br />Literacy Night Michelle Marshall and Pete Gast (March?)<br />Walkathon (April?)<br />Field Day Vic Arthur and Michael Leen (May?)<br />BBQ (June)<br /><br />We are looking for volunteer parents to take over the duties of ordering and distributing Hardy sweatshirts and t-shirts, corresponding secretary as well as other event coordinators.</font></div>