Hardy PTO Minutes, July 2017

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PTO AGENDA 7/18/17

6:30-6:40    Introductions

6:40-6:50    Principal’s report—Terry (per Kristin)

  • Terry Holt will oversee the newsletter that will now come directly from PTO instead of Kristin DeFrancisco sending it out. Kristin will give final approval and it will be disseminated by PTO through the email system. It will also be printed out monthly on paper and put in student backpacks. 
  • Terry and Kristin discussed LGBT rainbow club and Kristin will get more information from principal at Brackett, where there is already a similar group. Terry will follow up at next meeting with Kristin. Kate Leary will also find out about grant funding.
  • Kate Leary is also trying to do more outreach to teachers about applying for and assisting with various grant applications, eg. STEM programs. 
  • Calendar of events is mostly complete for the upcoming school year. Ice cream social will have to be rescheduled as it coincides with Arlington Town night (possibly Thursday 9/14 or Friday 9/22). Discussion about possibly switching from Chilly Cow to another icecream supplier. Discussion about whether we are looking to cover costs or whether PTO will cover some of the extra expense. 
  • Other dates: Back to school night is September 28th, Enrichment 3rd-5th grade Oct 4th, Harvest Fest Oct 14th, Bookfair Nov 13-17, Gate lighting Dec 11th, Movie night Jan 19th, Talent Show TBD, International/Multicultural night (NEW EVENT REPLACING BEACH NIGHT) Feb 2nd or Feb 9th, Walkathon April 27th, Teacher Appreciation Week April 30th-May 4th, Field Day June 1st (rain date June 8th), Family BBQ June 15th. Other (smaller events) will be updated as scheduled. Terry will check in with grounds committee to find out if we have space for all these events as the modular building construction unfolds. Other venues include Thompson school, Town Hall.
  • The new Gibbs school will need a new PTO. Kristin will contact other school principals to discuss and find out if parents are interested whose kids are going into 6th grade. Gibbs building planning committee should also be involved. 

6:50-7:00    Treasurer’s report–

  • Stephanie Hodge will hand over the files to incoming treasurers (Hemant Verma/Aletta Tibbetts) once the taxes are complete. Will likely be transitioning PTO accounts from Cambridge Savings Bank to Bank of America (more convenient features). 
  • Possible switch to online system (eg. Quickbooks) so it’s accessible to PTO for planning events. 

7:00-7:50    PTO business

Old Business
Notes from IdeaFest Meetings
-Monthly meetings at a regular time/place, w/additional meetings added: Quarterly socials, monthly playground playdates, monthly coffees
-Changes to bylaws proposed–Intro of new VP positions
—> motion to approve bylaws changes

Proposed Bylaws Changes 
for Hardy PTO 2017-2018

  • Proposed bylaw change:
  • Current: 4.2 Any member of the Hardy School community can nominate themselves or others to become voting members of the PTO.  In addition, any member of the Hardy School community can become a voting member after attending two consecutive monthly PTO meetings.
  • Move to change to:  4.2 Membership shall be automatically granted to all parents and guardians of Hardy Elementary School students, plus all staff at Hardy Elementary School. There are no membership dues. 
  • Proposed bylaw change:
  • Current: 5.1 The Officers of the PTO, individually known as the “Officers” and collectively known as the “Executive Board”, shall consist of one or two (Co) President(s), six Vice Presidents which will include one representative from each of the six grades, one or two (Co) Treasurer(s); two Teacher Representatives, At-Large Representatives, and the Principal of Hardy School who shall serve ex-officio and without vote. 
  • Move to change to: 5.1 The Officers of the PTO, individually known as the “Officers” and collectively known as the “Executive Board”, shall consist of a President or Co-Presidents; Vice President(s) of Committees; Vice President(s) of Fundraising; Treasurer(s); Secretary(ies); two Teacher Representatives; At-Large Representatives; and the Principal of Hardy School, who shall serve ex-officio and without vote. 
  • Proposed bylaw change:
  • Current: 5.3 The six Vice Presidents shall act as aides to the (Co) President(s) and shall work with the room parents in their grade to coordinate one event per school year on behalf of their grade. 
  • Change to: 5.3 The Vice Presidents shall act as aides to the President(s) and shall work with the volunteer coordinator(s) to organize PTO events.
  • Proposed bylaw change:

–    Adding this item to Article 5
5.10 In general meetings, ten (10) members in good standing shall constitute a quorum, a quorum being the number of members necessary to transact business. On any vote, a majority of those present carries the motion. In the case of a tie vote, the motion shall be considered denied


-PTO Newsletter changes
– Volunteer Survey & PTO intro letter first week of school — Sarah Boulet
-Committees formed: STEM, Literary/Arts, Hardy Spirit, Enrichment, -Teacher Support, Green Team, Fundraising, Sports/Action, Newcomers

Request to fund specialist teachers supplies need of $200 — Ann Chhabra
—> motion to approve request    

  • Motion requesting $200 from PTO for supplies for school specialists. Passed unanimously.

Request to increase funding for library to $3000 — Stephanie Hodge or Cedrine
—> motion to approve request

  • Voting on this request will be delayed. 

Summary of 2016-2017
Looking for someone to lead Enrichments for 2017-2018

New Business

First Day of School Plans — Coffee, PTO table at K side, baked things (sign-up needed)

  • FDOS could be on front side of the school with people representing the PTO. Volunteer table with invitation for parents to sign up (Sarah Boulet). 

Back to School Night planning

  • Volunteer table to be set up to recruit interested parents. 

Calendar of PTO events

  • Proposed August 9th as potential Green Team meeting to further the agenda, define goals etc.
  • Goal that every monthly PTO meeting will include break-out groups for specific committees. 
  • First PTO meeting of the school year will be September 12th

Call for nominations for VPs — vote moved to September meeting

  • Ann Chhabra nominated Kate Leary and Patsy O’Brien.