Hardy PTO May Minutes 2016-17

            <div class="paragraph">May 2, 2017 in the school library<br /> <br />Come to two consecutive meetings at PTO and you are a voting member!<br />Presidents: Cedrine Bell<br />Treasurer: Stephanie Hodge<br />Recording Secretary: Sarah Evans<br /> <br />Meeting called to order by Secretary Sarah Evans at 6:40.<br />Attendance: There were 7 number of members in attendance. No guests in attendance.<br /> <br /><u>REPORTS</u><br /> <br /><strong>Principal Report: 6:40p</strong><br />Nice place for kids to transition. Next year will be a compiling year – what to keep and what to change and what to alert for next principal.<br /> <br />DJ: when can we expect process to start?<br />KD: we launch next year at Hardy and maybe January 2018 – a .5 assistant principal for start of next school year. And then we’ll start the hiring process for new principal. Assume an internal and external search. Lots of internal people will be applying since many are now qualified. External: candidates run gamit. New or want a change. Not a lot of inbetween. We are doing awesome established things and teachers are empowered so they will have a lot to say. Thinking January 2018 ramp up. My commitment is Hardy first and during the day I’m a principal at Hardy. Families are important, too.<br /> <br />The sixth grade teachers will be around to see the responsive classrooms. They will be training next. KD’s process was about four months long. Applied in January and offered after April break. Keep that in mind for the PTO agenda – does the PTO want to participate in terms of needs, etc. And who are good parent voices for the hiring committee?   <br /> <br />Hardy: Staff is happy but sad. We all cried. I’m sad.<br /> <br />Hardy<br />-MCAS math is now. Computer testing went way smoother than imagined. And nothing to pack up – the paper tests is a lot of post-test packaging. 3 and 4 will be mandated to be computers. 5 is optional. We’ll see. Probably will all be computers.<br /> <br />Town is aware that we will need more Chromes. K,1,2 will be iPads and 3, 4, 5 will be Chromebook. We want to make sure the tech is valuable. That kids aren’t just sitting in front of a screen.<br /> <br />Teacher Appreciation. Underway. Doors are fantastic. We appreciate it very much. We are humming along.<br /> <br />Placement. Tomorrow meeting with leadership. Each year we tweak placement. In next week or so will be placement letter explaining process to parents. Reminder: can’t ask for a teacher. But you can send in a blurb about how your kids learn and socialize.<br /> <br />In responsive classroom – we have a routine to ‘close down’ the year with reviews.<br /> <br /><strong>Teacher’s Report – Julie and Jaimie: 6:55p</strong><br />Nothing else. Though Julie<br /> <br /><strong>Treasurer REPORT - Stephanie: XXp</strong><br />Grants<br /> <br />Enrichment – do you want to talk about it now or in PTO business?<br /> <br />Money in<br /> <br />Expenses<br /> <br /><strong>PTO BUSINESS: XXp</strong><br />Thank yous—Sarah<br /> <br /><strong>ELECTIONS.</strong><br />Nominations for PTO board positions – president, treasurer and recording secretary. Also new is a Event Coordinator. Please check the website. You can now send in a nomination from the website.<br /> <br />Nomination period is from May 2- 22 and voting is at the June meeting on June 6th. Please check website for names of candidates.<br /> <br />Need: 2 PTO co-presidents, 2 co-treasurers, secretary. Event Coordinator.<br />Think about Parent Coordinator and classroom VP reps for next year.<br /> <br /><strong>Walkathon May 3rd</strong>— Terry and Patsy  (1st grade event) – more volunteers. When and where to cut up front.<br /> <br />Volunteer burnout – how to change it for next year. The burnout is real and should be addressed next year. How to alter that for next year? How to get word out. Subscribe to Google calendar. Texting reminders? PTO summer meeting plan.<br /> <br /><strong>Teacher Appreciation</strong>, May 1-5—Annie, Sarah and Patsy<br />Thank you from the teachers! We love it all. Everyone is excited to show each morning.<br /><strong>Colonial Day,</strong> Wednesday, May 17th—Aimée Miller<br />Hello PTO<br />Sorry I could not be at the meeting this evening.<br /> <br />3rd grade Colonial Day is set for May 17th-- all day.  The Hardy website, 3rd grade page has an info page for parents and students to see.  The Plimoth Plantation field trip was a great primer for CD, as the kids were able to see and image life in the 1600s.  <br /> <br />Students will have the option to dress in colonial attire for the day. I have one extra girls dress from the donation basket, if anyone needs it please have them email me directly.  There may be more costumes in the closet (?) Volunteers will be running the events and helping prepare the materials needed for the day.  If you’d like to volunteer please sign up on the website link under Colonial Day “volunteer” button.<br />http://www.hardyschool.com/colonial-day.html<br /> <br />Attached is the list of events. It’s a day fun of activities and experiential learning.  We want to thank PTO for it’s generous support that will let us have a special guest, <br />Annawon Weeden, a member of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe.  His educational program is called “First Light Fun”. Wampanoag means “People of the first light”.  He will presenting at the end of CD and we’ll use the cafeteria space for this event.<br /> <br />Thanks again,<br /> <br />Eva, Darcy, Aimee &amp; Sarah. (3rd grade parent volunteers)<br /> <br />Schedule link:<br /> <br />http://www.hardyschool.com/uploads/2/1/9/0/21908944/schedule_2017.pdf <br /> <br />Can you print this to pass around?<br /> <br /><strong>Field Day</strong> Friday, May 26th--Vic Arthur and Michael Leen SEND A NOTE FOR SHIRT BUYING!!!!!<br /> <br /><strong>BBQ </strong>June—Cédrine and Sarah Evans; fix a date! Bill Hayner will help too. Metco is excited to partner. Looking for Friday June 16 from 5-8. Ottoson graduation (class evening – maybe a dance).  <br /> <br /><strong>OTHER BIZ</strong><br /> <br />Next meeting is on Tuesday June 6.<br /> <br /><strong>Meeting adjorned at: 7:25p</strong><br /><br />