PTO Meeting Minutes for January 9, 2019

6:37 start

welcome and intro

Cedrine says hi because Terry PTO president is sick.

14 parents

1 principal

1 teacher rep

1 PTO prez

1 secretary

principals report

Excited new rooms are open! Kids giving a lot of advice about what room should look like! Still some things to do but weather is in the way. Nothing major, just odds and ends. Like cubbies outside library need to come down.

5th grade – Laura

3rd grade – in

Music – in

Chandler playground – this is the next phase. A company was chosen to get feedback, ideas form community. Last facility meeting it was all go. That by the next year, it will be done over the summer. We are optimistic but realistic given the struggle to get teams here to construct during summer.

Q: status of stairs in front?

A: Yes, we are desperate to walk on them! The railings just aren’t here yet.

teacher rep report

Move went smoothly. 5th and 3rd took a couple of weekends. I was very nervouce beause I have bene in room for 15 years. But I don’t have a complaint. The tech is really high end. Each room has a teacher and kiddo microfphone. That is increasing participation. But they all now want to be flight attendants 🙂

The biggest drawback for kids is there is no water foundation in sink. But they are adjusting. They can walk down hall for drink

Updates: Ms Tssone goes to Dougherty old class. Merson goes to Riboero until next year because kids want to stay put. So she will stay until next year.

The overhead projectors are excellent. Teachers were excited about seeing them after break.

Teacher Ribero says – thanks for the teacher rep gift from PTO.

Q: Overhead projectors. Do new rooms have them?

A: Yes, automactially built in. And they are nicer. But now all classes have projectors.

KP : Other rooms are empty. From now until end of year, reading teacher small group will be in empty class. Two math people were sharin galmost a closet, now they are in classroom. And some teacher PD in a class. Four spec ed were in one office. They are using another one, too. Another happy bonus, all of storage was all over, but now hallways are less crowded. And each new classroom got a cart of Chromebook

5 new class rooms + music

HASP has own room

Music has own room

We’ll become a 24 section school with two extra classrooms.

(k-5 with four classrooms each)

There used to be a daycare! Maybe another one here for teachers.

District is more of a budget 3-5 year plan so everything is building over time in a systematic way.

Q: Chromebook and typing

A: Nothing short-term, but it may be in longer term plans as tech becomes more prevalent.

Patsy and silent auction

Every year an auction as a fundraiser. This year, two parts: in-person auction in March, online auction for bigger items like holiday homes, summer camps. This went live 1/22. Some bids already. At $2,000 so far. Anonymous bidding. You can set in increments to advance, too. Like ebay. Its city-wide. You don’t have to be a Hardy family. Online one ends on January 31st.



Bren Bataclan (cambridge) : Week of March 11. Two assemblies with kids.Gauged to kids. 5th graders will meet with him first afternoon – based on their ideas they come up with – he will get ideas for murals. He will be working on them all week – making murals on the walls. In the common space so all kids as you are moving around, will see his stuff. He is in to kindness. He has a TedTalk (link?) Hasn’t been an artist in residence here for at least 10 years. So important for an artist to spend time on a message here. The fifth graders will be charged with spreading the messages, too.

Other smaller projects in the works but working on dates.

Chrissa Banner – Game Night

5th grade teachers gave input on what will work. Early March dates. The fifth graders will be game ambassadors and facilitate throughout the night. But also be ale to play. Maybe some kind of events where parents run games. Maybe they will go into classrooms, we don’t know. Chrissa will work out details of how kids play games. Its a fifth grade fundraiser. You can buy games and PTO gets a cut.

Laura says it would be helpful to separate out the enrichment (in march) and game night (maybe later in march). Its a lot to talk about if it happens together. Kate says it would great to have game night after because then everyone could see the murals. What about March 18-22? Kate says that works.

Executive stuff

Election Committee: many board members will be leaving. so we will need a committee to find people to run. We’ll need president, treasurer. If interested in running or being in committee, contact.  Also, looking for school council members, too.


Kate and her husband Andrew took over middle of last year. She will keep doing the direct donation drive – sending out thanks letters and emails, getting enthusiasm for dollars.

Kate can help transition new treasurer. Unlike last year, she will still be here next week. They have created better categories so much more automated. Quikbooks is a possibility. They don’t use it but the tax person is also a hardy parent can install.

Great to have two people. One good at excel, other public facing. It is actually a great 2 year term – so one year and run twice. You get more consistency that way but one year is okay.

Only change, we bumped up enrichment from 4 to 6k. Why? the budget in spring is more in focus so we know we have enough cash. She forget picture day money making, teacher grants done. So she felt like 6k (previous years number), was worth doing.

Highlights. this is the budget without silent acution because that cash is usually earmarked to something. 50, 861 avaiable. Spending 45795. Does not include other money like silent auction. Patsy is talking to Kate about how to spend auction money.

Q: Harvest fest $371 – came in December, why?

A: Paypal didn’t process until then.

Cedrine: motion to vote on the budget?

Kate L: wait, that spending includes 800 transfer to saving. I think we should put the 15k into savings or something so we can build that up.

Q: Why are we voting on this now?

A: We’ve been voting individually but now we are trying to vote on this as the 2018-19 budget. Ultimately, we’ll be voting at either end or beginning of year. We’ll get there hopefully next year.

Sidenote: Kate says we are also getting directors insurance so we get insurance because we handle so much money. With the increase population, change in fundraising, treasurer turnover, its been tough to have Sept budget vote. We should be also putting in 33% into savings.

Holly moves to vote on motion.

Daniel seconds.

All hands in favor?

No hand not in favor.

Rest of year events

Fox Festival – stewart absent but he may have information for next time

Upcoming social events for spring – patsy says “we need organizers!”

Teacher appreciation – sarah and patsy

Literacy Night? We have two volunteers. (good for 4/5 graders to help) Typically this is in April. If we do it, it has to organize it now. Need to talk to Librarian now. Michele Marshall always did it in past. Maybe reach out to her.

Voices say, If we do a limited amount of events, it should be for everyone. How about one parent per grade level?

Field Day?

Hour of Code? Ava – parents ran it in the past. in talking with teachrs, parents don’t mind that but don’t want to run it themselves. to do it, people need to work with hour of code to make it happen. teachers support it but no time to plan. Kate will talk to Ava about it.

April event?

May event?

First green team thursday at 7p

-they may have a earth day event! (april 23)

Kate P suggests sending out some messaging about

DIG meetings for next two months.

Talk of returning to grade-level events.

Maybe pairing K and 5th grade.

Principal Kate says maybe attach a little classroom reveal of the new audition.

Maybe these three things are good events?

game night

literacy night

earth day

So the PTO will come up with a list of 2019-2020 activities done and figure out which grades are assigned to group. Vote on it by June. Patsy and Annie will help that out.

Event ideas:

Parent says: I’m a room parent for two rooms. For k and 2. For both at beginninng of year, it was so hot the kids were sick. Because of generous doantions, we have enough to buy two 400-500 dollar air conditioners. Can we?

A: Kate P says she talked to Kathy Bode. We need a plan. Now that it is cold, we should think about it. We can’t buy it for one classroom. So Kate will be working now so a plan is in place.

8:03 adjourned