PTO Meeting Minutes for November 13, 2018


President: Terry Holt

Treasurers: Kate Leary and Andrew Malone along with Aletta Tibbetts (end of year tax review)

Secretary: Roslyn Fitzgerald

VP of Fundraising: Patsy O’Brien

VP of Committees: Stewart Ikeda

Principal’s report – Kate Peretz:

Newsletter for Hardy facilities/construction update went out today. This week is particularly active with construction, including the temporary removal of the Brooks Street sidewalk. New cafeteria motion sensor lights are being installed. New addition classrooms are nearly completed and they are on track (the move is still anticipated to be in January). When the fencing comes down around the new addition, they were supposed to refresh and resurface the blacktop, but it will be delayed until the spring because the weather will be more suitable and it allows any changes that might occur with the changes to the Chandler Street playground side to take place first. Some smaller changes are also happening to bring the building into ADA compliance.

Parent question: even if the blacktop area isn’t immediately resurfaced, is it available to the kids? Yes, the surface will still be there but not new yet. They may have to patch parts to make it temporarily safe.

Parent question: how long will it take to complete the front sidewalk? About one week.

Teacher Representatives’ report – Laura Ribeiro, 5th grade:

Teachers enjoyed filling up book bins for the book fair this week, and are thankful for any parent contributions. Teachers won’t be responsible for administering money for the book fair from the PTO to students in need –  this year parents should contact Kate Peretz directly if they need assistance.
Teacher/parent conference sign-ups went out today via email. 5th grade getting ready for science camp in a couple of weeks.

Current and upcoming events:

Book Fair – Holly Rossi:  this year there are a lot of “news” – new vendor, new librarian, new principal and new teacher’s classes visiting the book fair! In light of that, everything went very smoothly in the first couple of days. Holly would love feedback about the new selection of books and how parents feel about the new vendor. Please make sure your kids know that tax will be added to their purchases, so that the kids aren’t confused when they make their purchases. Wednesday night is Starbooks café, from 6-8pm.  For the first time this year, the PTO is buying pizza for the cafe night, which will allow parents to give their kids dinner while shopping the bookfair. After-school shopping hour today went well. Wishlist forms are going well. To contribute to the wishlist books, select a book from the bin and fill out the tag to be given to your child’s teacher/classroom.

Thanksgiving food drive – Anne Coleman: ends this Thursday, 11/15. This Friday morning, Anne could use extra help to load up the car to take it to the food pantry on Broadway.

Holiday STARS program – Megan Recupero: Holiday STARS is a community wishlist of qualified Arlington families that need help getting gifts to their children. Hardy families can anonymously select a gift by age/gender and price of gift. More information will be sent out via Facebook and backpack mail.

Gate lighting:
Each year in December, parents string lights all over the wooden Japanese gate (by the corner of Lake and Brooks Street), next to the new playground. We serve hot cocoa, and kids decorate paper ornaments to hang on the gate. It’s a smaller event than the usual community events. We need a volunteer to run it, or it won’t happen this year. PTO will advertise it on the Facebook website to find out if anyone would be interested in coordinating the event.

PTO Executive Board Reports:

Treasurer’s report – Kate Leary:

Current balances:

Bank of America: 4,636.13

Cambridge Savings Bank: $41,405.08

Paypal:  $3,719.70

Total: $49,760.91

Direct Donation Drive:

51 cash/check: $6,990

172 paypal: $18,726.83 (Paypal received $612.57 in fees)

Total : $25,716.83

Participation: 223 families

This doesn’t include any matching. Last year we received more than $3,000 matching, but it takes several months to come in. We’ll remind people again in thank you letters, which will go out by the end of the year. Most go out by email now. We have a pretty good mail merge system with Outlook.

Harvest Fest: $1693 profit!

Box Tops: $637 expected in December

Payments since last meeting

October 9-November 13

  • $685 in teacher reimbursements
  • $323.71 EATS Snacks
  • $419.93 teacher back to school lunch
  • $84.43 other fundraising expenses
  • $1454 to Wilson Farms for Harvest Fest (but we made it back and then some)
  • $320 book fair operations (this will come back to us)

Financial Commitments:

  • $2954 has been paid out to faculty. We may pay out approximately $8000 more if we have full participation. Deadline to submit receipts is Friday, December 14th. We’ll send out a reminder. Most come in the week of the deadline.
  • $4000 for projector project
  • Field trips: $12,000
  • Science camp scholarships will be in the $2000ish range


  • Executive board will need to get together with this and then meet with principal. We’ll aim to have something to present by the next meeting.

Fundraising update – Patsy O’Brien:

Eat at Not Your Average Joes’s every Thursday (dine-in or takeout) through November. When you mention Hardy School, we will get 15% back.

Helena’s boutique, 11/15. Shop all day 10-6, or privately from 6-8pm. 10% back if you mention Hardy.

Maxima fundraiser – 12/6. Details to come.

Silent auction – this year will be split into two parts, including an online auction in January, and an event at Town Hall in March. More details to come.

Old business – Terry Holt:

Overhead project –  $4200 expense approved at the last PTO meeting to install overhead projects in all the classrooms; a project dating back to the PTO of 2016. Finishing this project on the 26th and 27th of December, if it goes to plan.

Announcements or new business –  Terry Holt:

Sometime within the next school year Terry and her family are considering moving out of the neighborhood and would like people to consider taking on new leadership roles. Please talk to Terry at any time for more information or email her if interested,

NEXT PTO MEETING WILL TAKE PLACE ON DEC. 11th in the school library.