PTO Meeting Minutes for July 17, 2018

Notes from 7/17/18 “Ideafest” Meeting

In attendance:

Ann Chhabra, Roslyn Fitzgerald, Stewart Ikeda, Michiko Kurata (new) Kate Leary, Aimee Miller, Kate Peretz (principal), Doris Pfaffinger, Ginna Reeder, Holly Rossi, Laura Smart

Terry Holt (notes)

PTO meetings for 2018-2019

Monthly PTO meetings will be changing to a more social/event-focused meeting beginning in September to help with recruitment and retention of members. The business part of PTO meetings will follow. Any member is welcome to stay for the business meeting.

Terry is in discussion with our new principal regarding changing the day of meetings to Monday. This decision is complicated, as it requires the approval of Hardy teachers and cannot be in conflict with other district school meetings.

Discussion regarding Hardy events.

Participants (11) ranked events in order of preference for future:

Fundraising#votesnotesCommunity Building#votesnotes
DDD7Ice Cream Social4Needs to be utterly changed
Book Fair6Back to School Coffee7Terry wants to expand
Silent Auction6HarvestFest3Patsy wants to expand
School Supply Drive6Literacy Night8
Walk-A-Thon1Kate wants to cancelInternational Festival/Sustainability Fair8These swap annually
fundraising via local stores should be increasedHardy Family Picnic5Run at Thompson again? Maybe more ice cream trucks?

All PTO events, in order (questionable ones in italics)

School Supply DriveAug-FDOS
Welcome Back Luncheon – TeachersFriday before school starts
Welcome Coffee – all parentsFriday after school starts
PTO Kick-Off! (First Meeting)TBD
Ice Cream SocialTBD ??????  Sept
Back to School Night — PTO tableTBD – Sept
PTO DDD Appeal Letter goes out10/1
Safe Routes to School Day10/3
Picture Day10/4   (confirming with Janet)
Book FairNov 5-8
Gate LightingTBD ??????
Movie NightTBD
Sustainability FairTBD
Hardy Silent AuctionTBD
Literacy NightTBD
Walk-A-Thon???? TBD
Teacher Appreciation WeekTBD
Field DayTBD
Hardy ElectionsJune meeting TBD
Hardy Family PicnicTBD

Ideas for next year re: events

  • Proposal:  Ribbon-cutting Ceremony for the Lake Street Playground (Kate Peretz)
  • Back-to-School Coffee for parents needs to be re-envisioned because of space allocation challenges and visibility. Hosting it in a space that is visible and accessible to all families necessitates setting up somewhere in the front of the school. Possibly using the circle in front of the school? Boost promotion using signs in “drop-off” places, so all parents see it.
  • Sustainability Fair instead of International Festival this year (Doris). Run on a Saturday in February. Maybe choose a theme? Science projects, art exhibits, creative ways of engaging the students and families to think/talk about using more sustainable practices.
  • Walk-A-Thon could be a joint effort with other schools participating, since making this event happen at Hardy is out of the question for next year (Kate Leary)
  • Ice Cream Social is a beloved event that needs drastic changes. All agreed we should discuss this more and find alternatives to PTO purchasing, storing, serving $1000 in ice cream.
  • Patsy wants Harvest Fest to be THE Fall community-building event. We should assemble a committee to begin working on this effort.

Hardy Directory

PTO will be bringing the effort to collect data and produce the annual Hardy Directory in-house for 2018-2019. We will be sending out a link to an online Google form via a multi-layered effort, beginning at the start of the school year. We will be utilizing some space in the newsletter and/or  sending out the form directly via the opt-out email list we have created for disseminating the newsletter. As this is a list we have ourselves procured and curate through mailchimp, using it for directory efforts should be relatively easy. We will discuss this in more detail among communications team and e-board members and bring it up at the September meeting for more discussion and agreement. Shout out to Pete Gast and Stewart for all their work making this happen last year!

Field Trips Policy

PTO Treasurer has been in talks with teachers and determined that we need a consistent policy regarding what costs PTO will cover for field trips that is fair. We agreed that PTO will fund one field trip per grade level. And teachers can, of course, request PTO funds for additional field trips, and PTO will decide on these on a case-by-case basis. ANY family can request PTO help if additional field trip costs requested by teachers doesn’t fit into their budget, and PTO will cover these with no questions asked. All field trips where teachers request funds need to have a checkbox for parents to use for financial help.

Proposal for PTO to communicate a one field trip per grade level policy to teachers passed unanimously.

Rainbow Club and Diversity Inclusion Club

Hardy parents are in the beginning stages of formulating a Rainbow Club at Hardy to support and celebrate LGBTQ youth. More information will be available after Terry meets with the organizers. In addition, Sarah Evans is part of an effort to have a club that celebrates diversity at Hardy. Both of these clubs are still formulating. If/when they request funds, PTO will consider helping funding them (which will require a vote of the PTO members).

Open positions in PTO


Field Trip Coordinator to liaison with teachers to schedule field trips

Fundraising Assistant for organizing local events

Co-President or President in Training to take over leadership in June 2019

Thank you to Ann and Terry for bringing food, drinks to the meeting!