PTO Meeting Minutes for February 2, 2018

President: Terry Holt
Treasurers: Kate Leary and Andrew Malone along with Aletta Tibbetts (end of year tax review)
Secretary: Roslyn Fitzgerald
VP of Fundraising: Patsy O’Brien
VP of Committees: Stewart Ikeda

Principal’s report – Kristin DeFrancisco:
The school council met with a representative from Little Tykes. He presented ideas and sketches for the Lake Street playground, along with listening to the data that was obtained from the recent family survey.  There were 169 responses for the playground survey, which is a great return. The school council will review again in March to keep things on track for a September finish. Kristin continues to publicize February 27th for the parent playground presentation. It will be an informational meeting vs. a question night.

Thank you to Aimee Miller and Rich (custodian) for the hugely successful International festival over the weekend. Thank you Kate Leary for presenting at the CPA meeting last week.

The school continues with their cultural proficiency goals (teaching students to be both learners and citizens). Transgender/rainbow club, safe schools teaching for staff. Superintendent’s diversity committee joining in to share information to principals and staff.

Treasurer’s report – Kate leary and Andrew Malone:
As Kate and Andrew continue to embrace their new role as treasurers, they are finding that for many years the PTO was in a spending period but there is no backup or savings. Per the bylaws, we are responsible for keeping 1/3 of annual funds in savings, which we are not meeting right now. We have to look carefully at a sustainable budget and can’t assume that every expenditure in past years will continue. We are also thinking about making a PTO handbook at the beginning of the year for parents to explain how things work.

There are also some serious concerns that PTOs (both in Hardy and elsewhere in Arlington) are paying for things which should be funded by the town. Kristin suggested partnering with principals and PTOs of other Arlington schools to talk to the district/board of selectmen about these budgetary concerns.

Draft Budget, Rest of 2017-18        

Balance as of 2/1/18

Projected expenses

  • outstanding checks  – $ (350.00)
  • transfer to savings – $ (8,000.00)
  • projector installation (8 classrooms) – $ (4,800.00)
  • Hardy Directory – $ (600.00)
  • 1st grade science enrichment – $ (783.00)
  • Silent Auction Sponsorship – $ (250.00)
  • Field trips – $ (9,500.00)
  • remaining IF budget – $ (1,292.40)
  • remaining library budget – $ (1,734.07)
  • Fifth grade graduation (duck tour) – $ (1,900.00)
  • Colonial Day – $ (500.00)
  • outstanding teacher reimbursements – $ (2,700.00)
  • Field Day – $ (400.00)
  • Teacher Appreciation Week – $ (900.00)
  • Tax Preparation – $ (400.00)
  • AHS Graduation Party – $ (100.00)

Possible expenses

  • Science Camp Fund – $ (2,700.00)
  • MCBA Books – $ (1,200.00)
  • Mini Grants – $ (2,000.00)
  • Art Teacher Supplies – $ (850.00)

Projected income

  • Walkathon – $ 4,000.00
  • matching Walkathon donation, Matt Urcioli – $ 2,500.00
  • box tops – $ 400.00
  • Cause and Event race – $ 400.00
  • supplies drive – $ 2,500.00

Projected checking 8/18 – $ 6,690.11

Payments since Jan 9 report:

  • $175 – Paypal refund (spirit wear and double donation)
  • $708 – Int’l Fest (Sinha Capoeira, Tom’s Bao Bao, Aimee, more to come)
  • $279 – PA system for events
  • $1400 – Alastair Moock enrichment
  • $816.35 – library budget
  • $100 – teacher rep appreciation
  • $189 – Tracy Bernier K grant (app subscription)

Revenue since Jan 9 report:

  • Frozen funds returned – $2485.28 (not really revenue)
  • Benevity (matching) 1/8 – $97.10
  • Benevity (matching) 1/23 – $1200
  • Box Tops – $503.30
  • Helena’s shopping event – $300.00
  • Maxima’s shopping event – $248.11
  • Direct donation (family) – $65.00
  • $500 in Silent Auction sponsorships. These will be used for SA expenses.

DDD update:

  • Total Direct Donations: $24,498
  • $2,275 of total from matching
  • 196 donors


  • $793.53 balance, most from silent auction ticket sales

Systems update:

  • Finished testing cloud-based software and it’s more than we need.
  • Andrew will create a google form check log that feeds into a google sheet (with strict permissions) this month.

Teacher representatives’ report – Laura Ribiero (5th grade):
Thank you from the teachers for the International Festival. The recent enrichment program (Allistair Moocks) was well received and teachers thought it was valuable and contained good content.

Teachers are still concerned about parents parking in the parking lot, which prevents them from using the parking lot. PTO will broadcast a reminder on Facebook and in the school newsletter that parents should not be using the carpark.

Budgetary concerns – teachers are worried that the PTO budget may be reduced. They understand that cutbacks may need to occur if necessary, but suggested that the PTO be clear about any changes. Kate reiterated that there will be no changes in the 2017/2018 school year, but that we all will be thinking about necessary changes after that. The goal is to have a clear written policy in place by the end of the school year so that there are clear policies in place for 2018/2019. Terry has also sent a letter to teachers to explain things. A lot of turnover in treasurers (4 in 3 years) coinciding with an extra 100 kid enrollment has created some confusion and we are working on more clarity.

Committee updates:

​Arlington EATS – Rebecca Saff:
Arlington EATS would like to provide a bin to each teacher for healthy snacks within the classroom to avoid kids going through the nurse’s office during flu season. There will still be snacks outside of her office but trying to reduce exposure.

Communications – Pete Gast and Stewart Ikeda:
We have a proof of the student handbook which is ready to be printed and distributed. We will be revisiting our strategy for collecting data/distributing next year.

Fundraising – Terry for Patsy O’Brien:
We made nearly $250 from the Maxima shopping event. Patsy has sent home back pack flyers to remind people to buy tickets for the silent auction on March 3rd. We still need volunteers for the event.

STEM – Daniel Jalkut:
We still need more volunteers for Hour of code. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Enrichment – Stewart Ikeda:
Spy Pond Cleanup – 4th graders will have an educational presentation followed by cleanup in tandem with the Friends of Spy Pond on June 6th from 8:30-1:30. Will need volunteers. The Arlington Rec. and Sanitation Dept. will provide bags and information about safe cleaning. If it works well, we could roll it out for other grades and schools in the future. No cost except for making sure students have lunches. 4th grade teachers will have first aid backpacks with them. Stewart to coordinate with 4th grade teachers.

Books and Arts – Rebecca Saff:
Literacy Night will be on 4/5 or 4/10. It’s a night where there’s a theme, and rooms where people read books to students, as well as snacks in the cafeteria. The goal is to get kids excited about books. Mystery theme this year. K-3 and 5th graders will be guides.

Sports/Action – Kate Leary:
Walkathon will take place in April but this time we’ll pair it with Arlington EATS (for Hardy school snacks). Arlington EATS has been contributing to pay for the healthy snacks at Hardy School, so this will help defray those costs. Kate proposed 20% of the Walkathon profit going towards Hardy school/ Arlington Eats and the vote was passed by the majority.

Old Business – Terry Holt:

Overhead update – Terry Holt:
Over the winter break in February, the K & 1 overhead projectors should be installed. As the budget allows, we will install more. It costs around $500 per classroom installation fee. 22 classrooms total.

International Festival Debrief – (Aimee Miller):
Nearly 500 attendees. Gave out 375 “passports” to children. People came from other schools and the general community. Tried to use all the supplies we already had at Hardy school to reduce the budget. The PA system that was purchased through PTO worked well. Over 45 families donated food with 27 countries represented.

NEXT PTO meeting will be in the Hardy Library on March 6th at 6:30pm.