Each item below is labeled as belonging to one of the following projects: the classroom [A]ddition, the [L]ake Street playground, and the [C]handler St playground.​


[C] December 8, 2017
Grant application submitted to Community Preservation Committee, requesting funding for a Chandler St landscape study and design.

[A] December 20, 2017
Construction docs posted on public register with a call for bids.


[A] January 17, 2018
Bids due from contractors.

[A] End of January 2018
Classroom addition contract awarded to contractor.

[L] End of January 2018
Publish Lake St playground survey, begin initial planning and discussions with vendors.

[A] February 12, 2018
Special Town Meeting vote approved additional funds needed to support increases in the construction budget for the addition.

[C] Mid February 2018
Community Preservation Committee recommended approval of funds for the Chandler St playground design study.

[A] February 27, 2018
Informational meeting at Hardy with the project manager, including Q&A. ( See the presentation in the Feb 27th update on the News page.)

[L] Early April 2018
Finalize Lake St playground layout plan.

[A] Early April 2018
Classroom addition contract finalized.

[A] End of April 2018
Classroom addition construction begins.

[L] End of April 2018
Select vendor and place order for Lake st playground equipment.

[C] May 2018
Arlington Town Meeting votes to approve funds for the design study (hopefully).

[L] Last day of school June 2018
Begin installation of Lake St playground.

[L] First day of school September 2018
Lake St playground ready for use!

[C] July 2018
Chandler St outdoor space design study to begin, including public input process.

[A] Mid December 2018
Classroom addition construction completed.

[C] December 2018
Chandler St outdoor space design study completed, cost estimate and construction docs finalized..


[A] January 2019
New space occupied and in use!

[C] June 2019
Chandler St outdoor space construction begins; completion date TBD (by the design study).